About Me

I'm a concept designer working in the entertainment industry and am passionate about exploring many creative outlets.

I have an immense interest in painting, experimenting, design and food.

Current:         Concept art at Beenox ( Activision l Blizzard) 

Unannounced project

Unannounced project


Tarzan and Jane (Netflix)   I   Arc Productions   I  Concept Art/Marketing

Thomas the Tank Engine: The Great Race Movie  I   Journey Beyond Sodor Movie  I  Arc Productions  I  Concept Art/Matte painting/Marketing

Unannounced titles   I  Arc Productions  I  Concept Art /Matte painting

 Lawbreakers    I   Boss Key  I  Concept Art

Stranded Deep   I   Beam Team Games  I  Concept Art

 Titanfall Free the Frontier Trailer   I   Playfight/ Respawn   I  Concept Art/ Matte Painting / UI

 Video Game High School 3  I   Playfight/ Rocket Jump I  Concept Art/ Matte Painting / UI

Lord of the Rings, Elder Sign: Omens, Star Wars   I  Fantasy Flight Games  I  Illustration

Cancelled Project   I   Emotional Robots  I  Concept Art

Thunder Run, Mars Frontier   I   Spinpunch  I  Concept Art/ Marketing Art

Unannounced RPG/ tabletop projects    I    Phanlanx Consortium  I   Illustration

 Forrec Ltd    I    Architecture Illustration

Geovia Software   I    Illustration


Penguin Random House Canada - Heart at War

KKG Fan Art Tribute book (Charity) 


TINY HOMES - Light Grey Art Lab

Dream Arcade, a pixel game collaboration - Light Grey Art Lab

GUTS exhibition - Light Grey Art Lab

Email: chengelingart@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/chengeling

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chengelingg/

LInkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jesscart